Walking the Western Way. Galway & Mayo. Self Guided.

7 days
Come walk the wonderful western way in the west of Ireland. The walk starts in county Galway in the wild and rugged Connemara region and winds its way through mountains, lakes and valleys before ending in Westport town in county Mayo. Available March-Nov.

This self-guided walking tour of Connemara will bring you to an area of Ireland where sheep have right-of-way on the roads! An area naturally gifted with sharp contrasts, vibrant colours, stunning wilderness and warm welcomes, Connemara is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in Ireland. Witness lambs strolling the mountainside, the bloom of wild spring flowers, and the calls of the Cuckoo as you walk the diverse landscape. This walk will take you alongside scenic Lough Corrib, Killary harbour, Ireland’s only fjord, the craggy Maumturk mountains and the desolate Inagh Valley. This tour is among our most popular and if you book it you’ll understand why! We will take care of the details – accommodation, luggage transfers, guided maps and tour documentation.


Day 1  

Dublin – Oughterard

To begin your journey towards the Western Way departing from Dublin at 6:50 am every morning. The Western Way is a trail stretching across the lush Irish countryside called Connemara. Oughterard is called the gateway to Connemara. Flowing streams give way to rolling meadows and quaint cottages. Oughterard is filled with winding pathways and river walks overlooking Lough Corrib. Hearty food, friendly locals, and a tipple of your favourite beverage await, as you prepare for your journey along the Western Way.

Overnight in Bed and Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Day 2  

Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Luggage handling at Oughterard to Maum

Hike 1 Oughterard to Maum

Walking along the banks of Lough Corrib you gaze upon fishing enthusiasts, as they search for the salmon and trout that fill its waters. Gaze upon quaint thatch covered roofs that have lined this pathway for centuries. Enter the forest of Folore, whose boardwalks offer a delightful challenge, guiding you along
your way. Along these boards you begin to see the steep rock cliffs of Connemara‟s mountains.Distance 25km, Height Gain: 96m Time 6hrs

  • Overnight in Bed and Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Day 3  

  • Breakfast at hotel/B&B
    • Luggage handling at Maum to Lough Inagh Valley

Hike 2 Maum to Lough Inagh Valley

Awake to great mountain views and enjoy the breakfast before climbing the mountains of Connemara. Towering cliffs, rolling hills, vast rivers and streams await as you embark on the “Pilgrims Trail”. Within the shadow of the mountains, opens a pass towards Lough Inagh. Climbing upwards, you begin to see the shades of Maam‟s mountains. Along the mountain pass lies a chapel and well. You will walk along winding country roads hugging the cliffs of the mountains. It is in this valley that you will stay along the shores of Lough Inagh, for a well deserved rest.Distance 16km. Height Gain: 269m Time: 5hrs

Overnight in Bed and Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Day 4   

Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Luggage handling at Lough Inagh Valley to Leenane

Hike 3 Lough Inagh to Leenane

  • You begin your journey north towards the town of Leenan. These valleys were once occupied by many farmers prior to the potato famine, and are now frequented by sheep and livestock. You continue on until you reach the forest of Lettershanbally. Making your way you climb upwards, walking along the side of a mountain that overlooks Killarny Fjord, a beautiful sea coast that runs into the Atlantic. Little islands and mountains offer a great view. You may also run into a few sheep as you continue along the mountainside. You will finally descend the mountain and walk along the road entering Leenan, where you will spend the next couple of days.Distance: 16km Height Gain 126m Time: 4hrs
  • Overnight in Bed and Breakfast at hotel/B&B
  • Day 5   

Breakfast at hotel/B&B

  • Rest Day – Killary Cruise

Today will give you the opportunity to stay in the village of Leenane once again. We have organised that you take the wonderful boat cruise up Killary fjord. The cruise lasts 1.5hrs and will give you a fascinating background to the area, the fjord and its surroundings. Leenane has a couple of fantastic pubs and restaurants to keep you entertained in the evening. You can also take a taxi to visit Kylemore abbey, a fairy tale style castle set among the mountains.

  • Visit Killary Fjord Boat Tours (FIT) – Killary Fjord Boat Tours

Explore Ireland’s only fjord on board the Connemara Lady, marvel at the unspoilt splendor of Killary harbor and enjoy views of the spectacular scenery which make makes Killary Fjord such a unique place to visit. This 15km inlet has some of the finest scenery in the West of Ireland, yet its sheltered waters are very calm.

Overnight in Bed and Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Day 6   

Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Luggage handling at Leenaun to Drummin

Hike 5 Leenaun to Drummin

You will begin an exciting journey towards the small town of Drummin. Walking down the main road out of Leenane you will get a chance to see the Ashleigh Falls and continue down, using the Owenduff River as your guide. You will experience the beauty with only sheep and a few friendly farmers to cross your path during the day. You will then continue upwards towards Tawnyard Forest surrounded by Loughs. You continue to walk upwards until you reach the cliff face of Barnaderg. Here you wrap around the mountainside overlooking your path towards Drummin. Entering the small town of Drummin, you pass many small cottages and farms, and stop at a pub to end your day’s walk.Distance: 21km Height Gain: 198m Time: 5hrs

  • Overnight in Bed and Breakfast at hotel/B&B
  • Day 7    
  • Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Luggage handling at Drummin to Westport

  • Hike 6 Drummin to Westport
    • Today you will reach your final destination of Westport, a lovely seaside town with many pubs and restaurants. Before, a beautiful walk around Croagh Patrick awaits, where St. Patrick fasted for 40 days and nights. Walking up rolling hills and catching a quick sea view, you continue on towards Barraglanna forest. Weaving through the forest you are met with Croagh Patrick, one of the holiest mountains in the world. Abandoned farmhouses appear in the distance, left vacant due to the famine of the 1800s.Continuing, you reach the top where you will get a great view of the sea, and of the town of Westport. As you make your way down, there is also a Croagh Patrick Heritage Trail where you can extend your walk towards the entrance of the mountain. However you can leave this for another day, and make your way into Westport for a well deserved rest.Distance: 24km Height Gain: 224m Time: 4,5hrs

Overnight in Bed and Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Day 8    

Breakfast at hotel/B&B

Option to stay on in Westport or take train back to Dublin(not included in costs)


B&B Accommodation

7 full days of pure adventure

7 hearty Irish breakfasts

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  • 1 x Luggage handling at Oughterard to Maum
  • 1 x Luggage handling at Maum to Lough Inagh Valley

1 x Luggage handling at Lough Inagh Valley to Leenane

  • 1 x Luggage handling at Leenaun to Drummin
  • 1 x Visit Killary Fjord Boat Tours
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