Traditional Irish music and dance show. Galway. Private guided.

2 hours
Join in a lively evening session (“Seisiun”) of traditional music, song & dance at the local House of Music (Teach Ceoill) with local musicians, dancers, poets and storytellers. Available every Tuesdau, Juluy & August. Max 120.

A ‘Session’ (in Gaelic ‘Seisún’, pronounced ‘sesh-oon’), is a traditional Irish gathering of musicians, dancers, poets and storytellers. It is always an informal, lively and colourful event. A group of artists in Renvyle have put a new twist on the old concept and added drama to their ‘Seisún’. Under the guidance of Ireland’s largest group dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Irish traditional music, this show makes the most of Irish music, dance and storytelling to present a moving account of how the Great Famine had a devastating effect on the West of Ireland.

The second half of the show requires some audience participation and you will be invited to learn and join in Irish folk dances. If you can play a tune or sing a song, in the spirit of a true Seisún, you will be welcome to take the floor.

Seisún is performed every Tuesday night throughout July and August 2021 in the Teach Ceoil (House of Music) in Renvyle in Connemara, county Galway.


Entrance ticket to an evening of traditional Irish music, song & dance.


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