The Jameson Whiskey Experience from Cork City Guided.

4 hours
Take a trip to the Midleton, the place where the iconic Irish whiskey – Jameson is made

Visit the workplace of Jameson to see for yourself where the magic of making Irish whiskey happens. Today, every drop of Jameson is produced in Cork, amid the lush fields of southern Ireland. There is nothing more pleasurable than enjoying the world’s best Irish whiskey at source.

On this tour of the Jameson distillery, enjoy a host of unique experiences. Visit the state-of-the-art Jameson Academy and develop a new appreciation of Irish
whiskey, from grain to glass.

Set on 15 acres and beautifully restored, the Jameson facility in Cork is where the true heart of Irish whiskey beats. The old distillery is a unique experience with some of the buildings dating back to 1795. Take a journey through history and see the old kilns, mills and malting, the water wheel and the old warehouses.

The Jameson Experience at The Jameson Distillery in Middleton, includes coach transfers from Cork City.



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