Pike fishing by boat on Lough Corrib. Galway. Private French/English guide. Full day.

3 hours
Spend time fishing on magnificent Lough Corrib, Connemara in search for a trophy pike with your private guide (fluent in both French and English). Pax: min 1, max 2. Available all year.

If you want to catch a trophy Pike – Lough Corrib is the place to do it! Pike fishing on Lough Corrib is ranked very high internationally. In Fred Buller’s famous book “The Doomsday Book of Mammoth Pike” very many of the large specimen pike mentioned were taken from Lough Corrib, the largest lake in the Republic of Ireland.

Anglers go on the trail of the trophy pike on Lough Corrib from the middle of July onwards to the middle of December. Your French/English speaking Ghillie/guide has invaluable information for angling on Lough Corrib.

Several methods of angling are used to catch pike. Trolling – driving the boat slowly with the bait/lure fishing behind the boat, spinning – fishing from a stationary boat with baits/lures and dead-Baiting- fishing with a dead natural bait (usually Perch, Roach, Herring Eel) using a float. This method of angling is best when there is enough wind to make the boat drift. Dead-baiting and Spinning are usually carried out at the same time. A newer method to try is Jerk Baiting, which requires a special rod and reel and a selection of jerk baits.


Private guide/ghillie (fluent in both French and English). Boat, fuel and outboard engine, fishing gear EXCLUDING lures, flies etc.(No state license required for pike fishing.) Packed lunch per person included in full day package only.


Bait and lures.

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