Killybegs harbour cruise. Donegal. Guided.

1 hour and 15 minutes

Join this scenic and unique cruise in the sheltered waters of Killybeg harbour and Donegal Bay with exciting real time underwater drone viewing on days that it is too windy to go to Slieve League Cliffs. See all the fishing vessels and cruise ships in Killybegs harbour, two operational lighthouses and a working organic salmon fish farm. An exciting and unique addition to our deep harbour cruises is a high tech, underwater drone which will show the fascinating underwater world including sunken ships and all forms of sea life. This will be shown on large screens and through VR googles on board.
Donegal’s rich warm waters are abundant with wildlife andy ou might see Albacore tuna, Atlantic salmon, Cormorant, Harbour porpoise, Lion’s mane jellyfish, Razorbill,
Killybegs is Ireland’s busiest fishing port and boasts a state-of-the-art salmon fish farm. View some of the world’s most modern pelagic fishing vessels, used for trawling for herring, mackerel, blue whiting and boarfish,


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Killybegs is a deep water harbour, and so in recent years has become a regular stopping point for some of the world’s biggest cruise liners. On days when these cruise ships are in harbour, get a up close experience of these huge liners!

On leaving Killybegs harbour, we are met with the iconic Rotten Island lighthouse which was constructed in 1838. It is still functional and extremely important to all vessel entering and departing the port.

We can also see in the distance, St Johns Point Lighthouse, located at the end of the long peninsula, constructed in 1831 and also still functional and now used as a popular guest accommodation.

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