Kayak and discover the secrets of seaweed. West Cork. Guided.

3 hours and 30 minutes
Sea kayak at low tide out to discover the secrets of hidden seaweeds. Learn about the different varieties, how to pick seaweed sustainably and their many culinary, cosmetic and medicinal benefits and uses. Available March to October. Beginners welcome. Mi

During low tides, when the sea exposes its garden treasures in the form of sea vegetables, we run special half day excursions in west county Cork and go to where they grow in abundance to learn how to identify them, how to pick them sustainably as well as discovering their many culinary, cosmetic and medicinal uses.

This experience is also available as a private experience.

This trip is run from March to October in west county Cork and is low tide dependent from

Reen Pier, Castlehaven Bay, which is a sheltered bay 1.5 miles from the village of Union Hall.



All necessary safety and kayaking equipment provided using double kayaks


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