Protecting the natural beauty and preserving local customs and traditions

At Ireland Wild Escapes, we are fully committed to assisting with the conservation efforts along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Protecting the natural beauty

The wilderness region of the west of Ireland is a prime wildlife conservation area, considered to be important on a European as well as Irish level. EU Habitats Directive lists certain habitats and species that must be protected within special Areas of Conservation (SACs). Irish habitats include raised bogs, blanket bogs, turloughs, sand dunes, machair (flat sandy plains on the north and west coasts), heaths, lakes, rivers, woodlands, estuaries and sea inlets. The 25 Irish species which must be afforded protection include Salmon, Otter, Freshwater Pearl Mussel, Bottlenose Dolphin and Killarney Fern.

Preserving local customs and traditions

Our vision is to showcase our unique offering of indigenous Irish customs and traditions to the rest of the world. Offering our customers an opportunity to engage in these unique cultural experiences and activities within the destination, while supporting and conserving these unique traditions and ways of life. We believe we act as a vital conduit, by linking our local suppliers and local communities to our tourism clients. Empowering local communities and encouraging them to continue their traditional lifestyles, ultimately making it economically viable. We encourage our valued suppliers to make experiences more immersive in the local culture of their area. As passionate promoters of Irish culture and conservation travel, we ensure that our packages educate and promote responsible travel on the west coast of Ireland and Ireland as a whole


Ireland Wild Escapes passionately believes in:

Conservation of nature

Conservation of biodiversity is a moral imperative.

Coexistence with wildlife

All wildlife enriches people’s lives.

Conservation of wildlife

The health of wild life populations reflects the health of the planet and we can each play our part no matter how big or how small.

Conservation of indigenous Irish customs and traditions

Supporting and conserving these unique traditions and ways of life.

Financial independence

It is an economic necessity for this region of Ireland.

The Connemarian

Ireland Wild Escapes is in the process of establishing another voice for conservation in the form of ‘The Connemarian’. ‘The Connemarian’ is a charity that works for a better world for ALL local people, water, land and air, and wildlife for the benefit of Ireland’s nature and people. This will be achieved by the creation and implementation of a successful economy based on the primary industry of conserving customs, traditions, flora and fauna wildlife and their environments. Ireland Wild Escapes will contribute a portion of each of their packages sold to ‘The Connemarian’ to assist with the conservation efforts in the region.

Lobsters Ireland

With your support, the Connemaran undertakes:

  • Will inspire the public to support conservation of the natural world in the west of Ireland
  • Will, in conjunction with other various institutional bodies et al, research problems and promote realistic solutions
  • Establish, manage and maintain more nature reserves in the west of Ireland for the benefit of all
  • Will champion the environment to decision-makers through advocacy and campaigning
  • Will work with a wide range of partners to deliver wildlife conservation
  • Will identify and work internationally through a global partnership of like minded conservation organisations
  • Will share our enthusiasm and knowledge to help as many people as possible enjoy the west of Ireland’s natural world.



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